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Sound effects for video

Our world is everywhere filled with different sounds. They’re coming car, creaking swings at the playground, the rain and the wind whistling … All this sounds so familiar to our ears, that we simply do not notice. But if suddenly the sounds disappear, we realize that found themselves in a vacuum. Music for voice and sound effects to make the picture whole video and sonorous.

Realistic sound create sound effects for video, it is deservedly popular. Today, there are special sound libraries for video. They are suitable for professionals and amateurs.

The sound effects for video presents unique sound stereo effects, music tracks, songs and samples. Music video for the voice is an indispensable tool for mastering, sound recording studios. (more…)

Voice actor

Voice actor offers his voice sounding voice for games, movies, cartoons, radio advertising, television shows. Reading the narration should be carried out with as much acting talent than the game itself. Dubbing actor – an actor, or speaker, voiced cues in movies, cartoons and computer games. Voice actor needed to:

dubbing films in a foreign language;
Voice roles that are performed not live actor (the characters of computer games, cartoons, role of animals);
working on projects in which it is impossible to simultaneously shoot pictures and record audio;
if necessary voice in English or another language;
Adding voiceovers for documentaries and other television projects. (more…)

Sound design of children’s apps

Sound design children’s apps – a special niche of development, because everything about children, should take place very carefully and with the utmost attention. Sounds for games and creating sound effects for games should enthrall a child a positive impact on its development.

The music for the game is designed to attract attention and parents who are interested in the proper development of their children. So, how to sound and musical arrange child’s play to sound and sound design applications were children in the joy of the kids. (more…)

Voice scoring game characters

Each replica in the game is the voice of a real man. Voice scoring game characters, voice actors sound games made, they should revive the character, to make sure that he sympathized with the players was believable and credible.

Good quality dubbing game characters and sound immerse the virtual world of the game, and the bad dubbing playable characters, on the contrary, distracting and spoils the impression from the game. With active introduction of computer games in our lives, more and more attention is paid to their articulation.

Sound games is a whole section of acting. A good actor can not overpower dubbing playable characters, just as a talented special vocal sound may not be able to operate the camera. (more…)

Interactive music for games

Interactive music for games – one of the sections of algorithmic computer music. The main idea, which brings interactive music is a full immersion in a particular user environment. In the context of a video game is an adaptation of the game. For example, the background music for the game, where our hero fights to be different from the musical design during his wanderings in search of treasure.

Interactive music for the games must fully comply with what is happening, hence the term “adaptive music.” Regardless of which event occurs in the game, music design must flow from one event to another easily and naturally as if it is necessary. (more…)

Why do we need games sound

The sound is an emotional component. Music for games, musical arrangement lets you tune into a certain way, to feel the moment. Soundman creates sound in games, although often it is trying to make the game designers themselves, which often does not lead to the desired result.

So, the sound has a direct relation to the impressions, if we are not deprived of hearing. Making music for the game, the sound from the game – it’s the same system as the game itself. The design of the game design and music are linked much more than it seems.

1. The aesthetics of sound. The musical voice to be done in accordance with the audience, her expectations. For example, voice shooters should be different from the farm voice. (more…)

Recording vocals in the hardware

Recording vocals in the control room recording studio comes with a microphone, faced with this all the performers. Recording vocals in the hardware is substantially different from the vocals at home.

At home vocalist performs two roles: singer and sound engineer. Home recording can not be considered a professional, as there is no specialized for these purposes.

On this basis, the vocals in the hardware is very much appreciated. Special hardware studio space preferred by most professional singers. (more…)

Sound computer games

Sound computer games carried out before the development team at the amateur level. Now the scoring computer games has reached a completely different level, it book professionals – sound designers and composers.

Sound films and dubbing computer games are very close to each other. It has long been known to claim that the film is estimated at 50% of the sound. The same applies to audio game software. Of course, the effects of the game are also very important, but even the coolest pictures without sound quality will be perceived quite differently. (more…)

Tips clients arrangements

The process of ordering arrangements has its subtleties and nuances. Here are basic tips to customers of arrangements that will help save you money and time to business relations does not put you in a stupor.

So, if you have a melody or song you want to arrangement, the first step is to define its musical style. Try as specifically as possible to express their wishes for the future arrangement.

It will be great if you pick up a song that already exists, the mood and pace that you like and you would like and also about himself. With such a track arranger able to find their way on the situation. Explain the music the music is always easier. You can pick up a few examples of suitable compositions. (more…)

Frequency conversion of sound

The frequency conversion performed on the spectrum of sound signal or playback signal over the frequency. Frequency conversion of sound precede the use of various filters and equalizers.

The principle of their action is that the incoming signal is decomposed into frequency components, then some of them are muted, any amplitude change, depending on the desired objectives. As a result, the signal output from the filtered frequencies.

To clear the sound from the extra noise, or the sound to give the new color, is also used frequency conversion. Decomposition of sound frequencies and the subsequent inverse assembly of a single sound – is a complex, time-consuming work. Frequency conversion sound in real time are performed with difficulty. But today’s powerful processors allow for such operations. (more…)

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