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Музыкальная звукозаписывающая студия

How to attract the user?

Did you know that most users do not separate visual impressions and audio content? Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed the same video to two groups of people. The first video had a poor soundtrack. The second video was accompanied by magnificent sound. The result: 95% of viewers evaluated the second video as the best. Your consumers are not an exception.

While developing a user-friendly interface, captivating gameplay, and HD graphics, do not forget about the soundtrack. The right sound is half the fun of the game, and thus half of the profit. Are you ready to give half your profit to your competitors?

Universe Music Studios produce impressive sound design for your games, animations, and videos. Our services cover every sonic element of the gaming world – bespoke music, sound effects, atmospheric background sound and voice-over in English, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.

Why Universe Мusic?

Reason No. 1. Time limits.
We comply with the contract terms and conditions. That is why we always deliver our part of work on time. Even if the provider cuts off our Internet connection and tens of voiceover artists work remotely. We comply with deadlines regardless of the time of the year, outside temperature, or force majeure events. Alternatively, you will receive a 15% discount.

Reason No. 2 – Quality control by the company’s owner in person.
We value our reputation and clients. That is why we do not end up with work that is shameful to put into a portfolio. We test each product until we are sure that everything is ideal. That is why you receive a soundtrack reflecting 100% of the game atmosphere.

Reason No. 3 – honesty and care.
Like you, we care about the result of our work – the popularity of the game among the end consumers. That is why we always track players’ reactions to our work. And we know exactly what is beneficial to the game and what may spoil it.

Reason No. 4 – accurate information on the project status.
We respect your time and understand your responsibility. That is why we are ready to provide a project report so that you know exactly what is already done, and what is still pending.

Reason No. 5 – a flexible price policy.
We always strive to offer more to our clients. If it is the first time that you’ve worked with us, we complete a trial work for free. We will create several complex (in your opinion) sounds for your project, trial music track or add several trial voiceover phrases. You can evaluate the work quality and make an informed decision.

Projects To Date

Sound design for games: over 80
Sound design for promo videos and trailers: over 200
Sound design for cartoons: 9

Our Experience

4 years in the industry
33 clients
24 repeat clients

Our Team

Ирина Чабан

Irina Chaban

Co-founder of Universe Music and the face of the company. It is Irina you will exchange emails with and meet at games conferences. At the studios, she is responsible for development strategy and business processes, as well as monitoring the quality of work and ensuring deadlines are met.

Ростислав Чабан

Rostislav Chaban

Composer, Sound Designer
Co-founder of Universe Music. Talented bass guitarist and a versatile composer. Rostislav began his musical career in a gypsy ensemble before spending 15 years as musician of «Я и Друг Мой Грузовик» band. Before founding Universe Music, he composed soundtracks to nine animated films. Rostislav has wide experience creating music and sound effects for games.

Максим Рудько

Maxim Rudko

Sound Designer
Graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in Audio Production and from specialist music school as a pianist. Maxim has extensive experience working as a sound engineer in television and recording sound on location. In the studio, he produces sound effects for games.

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