Reviews of the Universe Music Studio

Always a pleasure to work with professionals

Always a pleasure to work with professionals. Universe Music is the case. All orders were executed perfectly and in time. To EDIT treated calmly and did it with stunning speed. Such as you create a sense of unwavering confidence that the work will be done perfectly. We will be glad to cooperate with you in the future. Once again, thank you very much.

Zhdanovich Alex, manager
Alconost Inc.

Got a really high-quality material and is 100% professional attitude

Despite the fact that the remote cooperation has always burdened with all sorts of difficulties, we got a really high-quality material and is 100% professional attitude of the guys from the studio. Everything was done in clear terms, all wishes into account, alterations were made without question as long as we do not get the desired results. I am sure we will continue cooperation in the future. I sincerely wish you guys good luck and new achievements.

Constantine Mitrofanov, General Producer
RocketJump Games

Worked almost around the clock

Thank you for your very professional and efficient execution of our order on voice acting casual game "Secrets of Power. Alexander the Great." I want to express special thanks for the number of actors, which was proposed in the selection of options, and for the fulfillment of the order in a very short time, almost around the clock. Be sure we will cooperate in the future.

Artem Kononov, Director
Stella Games

They are result-oriented

We teamed up with Universe Music and completed over 10 projects. I would like to stress 2 hallmarks of our cooperation:

  1. The guys are results-oriented. For example, for games with animals, the sounds of real animals (at breeding nurseries and farms) were recorded instead of creating their electronic versions.
  2. The UM team knows how to work both with individual sounds and the atmosphere of the game. They always were the first in line for the beta versions of games in order to understand game filling.

Sometimes I had a sense that we, as the customers, let down our sound specialists because on their part all the work was performed in time, and if my team procrastinated somehow they had to stop, too.

I personally very appreciate our cooperation with these guys!

Alexander Bakharev, Founder and CEO
Hooligans Entertainment
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