Realizing maximum potential through sound – this is Universe Music.
Sensational music and sound design help create exactly the right feel in any game.

Original music for video games, trailers, cut-scenes, and animations. We work across the broadest range of musical genres, to convey emotions and synchronize with the image on screen.

Sound effects for games, instant messaging services and similar applications. Our toolbox includes licensed sound libraries, our own bank of unique sounds, the latest technology, talent and boundless imagination.

Professional voice-over in English, Russian, Ukrainian, most European and Asian languages. Working with our professional actors enables you to accurately portray the personality, individuality, and emotions of the characters in your game.

Trailers for games and presentational videos often help us decide whether it is worth buying or downloading a particular app. High-quality, well-thought-out sound has a significant impact on how attractive a product is to users. Allow us to transform your video into a stylish, well-harmonized production through sound.

What is our working method? Just 3 steps to the unique atmosphere created by Universe Music

If you need music and sounds:

  • Step 1. You set a task and send us materials; we clarify the assignment and approve the deadlines and cost of the work.
  • Step 2. We get to work and agree on each track portion with you. We make corrections, if necessary.
  • Step 3. You incorporate the sounds into the game and send it over to us; we make adjustments and prepare a final settlement. You pay for the work.

If you need a voiceover:

  • Step 1. You set a task and send us the materials. We hold an audition and send you 3-4 voice samples for each character.
  • Step 2. You approve the voiceover artists and we calculate the cost. You make a 100% prepayment.
  • Step 3. We make a recording, post-process it, and cut it into separate phrases. If necessary, we adapt the translation into English using native speakers. After that, you receive the completed files to incorporate into your game.
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